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Nicola Barnard

I am a Usui and Seichem Reiki Master/ Teacher and Meditation teacher with qualifications in Crystal Therapy, Numerology, Personal Nutrition and Law of Attraction. I am also attuned to Angelic Reiki. I have been on a journey learning and achieving qualifications in Personal Nutrition, Crystal Healing therapy, Numerology, Law of Attraction, and I have just qualified in Indian Head massage. Healing is part of my purpose in life, whether it is helping others or myself.

I started on my spiritual journey in 2008. I stumbled across a leaflet advertising Angel Workshops. I became fascinated with angelic energy when my mum introduced me to a book, An Angel saved my life. Well that book really did change my life. The true stories made me realise that there was more to just this life. I made my mum come with me to the Angel workshop which was run by a Reiki Master/ Teacher. I absolutely loved it, I learnt about energy and crystals and wanted to learn more and more. I was a very anxious person at the time, and my Reiki teacher guided me to have a treatment to help me with my nerves and anxiety. I didn’t really know what to expect from this treatment, I had never even heard of Reiki.

So this is where my story begins. After the treatment I felt lighter and more positive. My Reiki teacher discussed with me about learning to do Reiki 1st Degree which is a self healing system and I thought it was a good idea to help myself. If it could help get me to a better place in my life, I would try anything. After being attuned to Reiki 1st Degree, I felt a strange feeling in my hands and all around my body, I felt the chakras in my hands were open and spinning. But there was something else that I couldn’t put my finger on. It felt like there was spinning around me like I was in a vortex. I asked my teacher and she couldn’t explain it. After reading many books and trying to find out what I was feeling I eventually found out what it was. Vibration!!!  I was feeling the energy of vibration. I did 21 days of cleansing and healing and I started to feel much lighter, positive, happy, stronger and more confident, even my dad noticed how different I looked.

Reiki changed my life, it gave me the courage, confidence, strength and power to find myself and follow my path and purpose in life. It opened me up to new knowledge, books and people who have helped me on my journey, which I am eternally grateful for.

I have found what has worked for me, was to always try to be positive in situations. If there was a negative, I had to try and turn it round to a positive,  I learnt a lot from Louise Hay books, you can heal your life and you can do it. Positive affirmations were part of my everyday life. This lead me to read all about the law of attraction, (like attracts like). Ask, Believe, Receive!!!

I started to use this to manifest what I wanted in my life. Now my dreams are coming true. I worked hard to believe and have faith that everything would work out well and I would achieve my dreams and desires. There are always challenges on the way, but life can’t be totally perfect as it would be boring!!! We have to use these challenges and lessons to help us grow and learn. I am continually growing and learning.

My philosophy in life is to treat people how I would like to be treated, something I always tell my children. My life purpose I believe is to be here to help others open up to their own healing abilities, and bring joy, happiness and unconditional love to everyone I meet.

The gift of Reiki has helped me manifest my dream life and so my journey continues.

Dear Nikki

I thought I’d send this card after the mammoth effort you have put into my numerology report. I have read throught it a few times now and realise just how much effort you have put in. Thank you so much. It gives me all the info I need too work on and fulfil my destiny, as well as overcome my weaknesses and karmic debts. I will always refer to it.

Bless you. Much love Chris

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